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About the Bredimus Family

The Bredimus family name can be traced back to Roman times and is one of the oldest family names in west European history.

If you are a member of the Bredimus family, or related by blood or marriage, we invite you to browse this archive of the American Brediums family.

If you are just a curious visitor, we hope you'll find our family history, news, and profiles of interest.

Fun Bredimus Facts

We spell the name b-r-e-d-i-m-u-s. But you may also find variations on the spelling, such as b-r-e-d-e-m-u-s. We are probably related to all the Bredimus/Bredemus families that trace their roots back to Luxembourg and the little town of Bredimus (or maybe Stadtbredimus). A wine is named for the Comte de Bredimus.

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